Beacon Theme Specifications

beacon theme on tablet


This is some kind of an emergency post about the Beacon theme that I used with my site for a long time. Once in a while, when I couldn’t remember anymore, I loaded the WordPress page of the theme and found what I needed. Today I attempted the same again but the page is now broken and only tells the visitor “This theme is retired” and “We invite you to try out a newer theme; start by browsing our WordPress theme directory.”, and that is bad.

I mean, I paid for the theme, is it too much to ask that someone tells me when and why a theme is retired? Whatever, it’s still working and I will keep using it until things blow up. But honestly, this post here is not there to complain. If I would go down this rabbit hole, I would complain all day long about WordPress, because they entirely fucked up the blogging platform we all loved so much.

I rather create this post here to save the Beacon theme specifications that now disappeared from the theme support site. As I sometimes forget the specifications myself, and I guess others who use the same theme might get into the same situation. I recovered the specifications with the Wayback Machine and will list them below:

Beacon Theme Specifications

  1. At full width the main column width is 1140. When there is a sidebar active the width is 878.
  2. The sidebar width is 205.
  3. Please keep in mind that this theme is responsive, which means that it changes size as the browser is resized.
  4. The large featured images are 630 pixels wide by 380 pixels high.
  5. The small featured images are 268 pixels wide by 150 pixels high.
  6. For featured images, keep the focus of the image in the center as the surrounding content may be cropped.

More details can be found on the old Beacon theme page via Wayback Machine.

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