Manic Guitar Sound – First Part

I did fiddle a bit around with AmpliTube 5 yesterday. I am using this amp sim since the release but it’s always fun to create new setups within the software, like experimenting with different amps or different cabs. I stumbled over the Fender Champion 600 within AmpliTube and thought it would sound kinda hot with my Vintage V100 Lemon Drop. I added an overdrive pedal with the knob turned down (because sometimes less is more) and, of course, it started to sound even dirtier.

Meanwhile, I did fiddle around with some drum plugins that came with Ableton Live, because currently I have no other third-party plugins installed. I stumbled over one that somehow sounded like it could also have used for hip hop beats. I actually didn’t plan to record any of the two things but it inspired me so much that I changed my opinion. Musically, I’ve been in a dark mood recently, which means I enjoyed to create darker sounding guitar riffs.

In my most recent recording below, you get an impression. If you would ask me what kind of genre it is, I don’t know. Maybe stoner rock, grunge or psychedelic rock? What would you say? It’s sometimes funny what happens when you improvise and it is definitely what I love about it. Random interesting things happen. No matter if happy sounding or dark sounding, it always surprises me how many different things you can create with an instrument, even after so many years. The possibilities are endless.

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