Beautiful District

somewhere in our city

Not much to say about this snapshot, except that we have some beautiful districts in Lübeck.


4 thoughts on “Beautiful District

    1. It is. My aunt lived there when I was a young kid. I sometimes visited for a sleepover and I have still memories of their beautiful backgarden. And their cat… they had a cat that jumped over a 2 meter garden door to get out to the streets. Lots of cats roamed around in these streets because there is barely any car traffic except for residents that came home and parked. With that said, these are quiet streets. There is also a large pond nearby with nice park around it… I always went swimming there or we went there to purchase ice cream. 🙂 Good memories. 🙂

    1. Yes they are. One of my aunts lived in one of them. 3 etages, with backyard. Pretty cool. But she eventually sold because she feared in old age she would be inable to clean all etages.

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