Be A Kid Again

The good thing about having kids in the family is that you can become a kid again yourself. Playing with them and their toys, be it at home or outside when you play ball together. I bought my grand cousin a baby keyboard a while ago and below you see me in an inspired moment. Just later I realized that I played a similar or same chord progression like in “Funkadelic – Maggot Brain“…


13 thoughts on “Be A Kid Again

  1. I have a grandson that will be two years old in October. It is very fun to have him around. We bought many toys for him to have here when he visits and we enjoy watching him play. He even has a little piano similar to the one you have.

    1. My grand cousin will be two soon too, but in September. How time flies. I saw all those little steps in development as my mother is the foster mother of her and I visit often. As I do a lot of things with her, it feels more like I have a little sister. Just last week my mother showed me my grand cousins first beanie and I replied “No way, I can’t remember her head was so tiny”… time really flies.

      Kids are wonderful right? Watching them play or interacting with them, teaching them, is so much fun. It’s sad that my cousin is missing out on that except for the visit days, but for now it’s better this way as she has her own problems and is not ready to grow up a child.

      1. I used to think I did not want to be a father until my son was born and then I was very happy to have him. When his son was born I worried that he might not be ready to be a dad but he has turned out to be a great father.

        1. I used to think the same but now that I care for my grand cousin in the after noon so that my mom has some time, I realize now too that it’s actually beautiful to grow up kids.

          At the moment there is no sign that my cousin can do it. And the more time passes, the less likely it is that she will get her back. The youth welfare office did us a great favor that my grand cousin can remain in the family and not in a stranger foster family. But they said the more time passes this way, the less the office is interested to change the situation due to the psychological issues a foster child can get when it has to go back after too much time. That’s how they’d decide until the kid can decide for itself. So, it’s getting more and more unlikely.

          I’m on the fence. On one hand, I saw my cousins father or my uncle getting terminal ill and eventually die, thus I know why my cousin has so many issues… she lost a father at young age and that’s traumatic. On the other hand, it’s now, especially with her born child, simply time to grow up and take responsibility. It’s not just about her anymore but also about the welbeing of her kid. That’s where things started to get differently assessed.

        2. I am glad that you and your mom are nice enough to take care of this child. I also feel sorry for the child’s mother because she is missing out on something wonderful.

        3. Very well said and we feel the same way. She definitely does miss out. She does visit one day per week but this is only a fraction of the wonderful things that could be experienced.

  2. You also play the keyboard? Wow, you are really a talented man.

    I honestly don’t like to be around kids that much. They could be a handful, and they could take away your lone time to recharge. As an introvert myself, I would always need my recharge time. I think I won’t be able to do it when there are many energetic little persons bugging me around! Hahaha.

    But good for you if you enjoy being around them. You’re such a generous uncle too, for buying toys for your grand cousin. 🙂

    P.S. Here I am again, emerging from my period of disconnect here with you. Haha, my apologies for not responding to your comments too often. I hope you’re doing well, Dennis. I will try to catch up with you every time you have a new post – I really think you’re an interesting person.

    1. I played keyboard and piano the first time when I was 8 but eventually I wanted a guitar (haha), which I got soon after and I became more passionated with that instrument. My small Casio keyboard broke when I was 12 but since then I haven’t had a new one after that. I wouldn’t say that I can play keyboard but whenever I see one, I just started experimenting with it and it kinda feld easy to build major or minor chords on it myself, despite not knowing any keyboard chords. Whenever I’ve done so, I started to think myself that I actually can play keyboard and piano 😀 Ironically, I actually find it much easier to create something on a keyboard than on a guitar because this instrument is so well structured. It’s overdue to purchase a digital piano for myself but you can’t afford/have everything, and you neither have the room or time for everything 😀 But yes, in secret, it’s one of my dreams 🙂

      I actually thought the same way about kids but my grand cousin recently proved me wrong. She’s not depleting me when I take care, she’s giving me energy. But having here an entire day, sure makes you tired in the evening, I am not lying 😀

      1. Wait, I got it wrong with your familial tie with your grand cousin. You are just her cousin and not uncle, right? Just a way older cousin. Haha!

        Maybe you could also post video clips of you playing the keyboard, when you have acquired one for yourself. I have enjoyed your guitar solos posted on your Youtube account. For sure, you’ll do great with the keyboard once you get the hang of it again.

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