New Salad

tasty salad

My mother told me that she found a new salad recipe. It’s basically salad combined with Spaetzle (South German pasta, we actually write it “Spätzle“). Before you ask, yes, Spaetzle deserve an own name because they’re tasting different than noodles. So, you basically cook the Spaetze and after they cooled down, you combine them with all kind of things such as freshly cut radishes, green leaf lettuce, maybe some red ones too and don’t forget cherry tomatoes (yes, the little ones). Plus points if you add some  cubes of ewe’s cheese and a few freshly picked parsley  leaves (truth told, that’s something we added to the recipe but it makes it go from very good to perfect)!

Congrats, if you took all these steps, you just created a 5 star restaurant dish. I am not kidding, I am talking about 5 stars! And you know what? It’s the main dish, not the dessert because it’s filling! My mother said it was one of those easy to understand 30 second cook ideas on social media. No matter what, it is definitely a good one, so good that we ate it already 4 days in a row. It’s currently pretty warm here, so, it’s the perfect summer dish.


2 thoughts on “New Salad

    1. It is, and if you put a little french dressing over it, it’s an explosion in your mouth 🙂 The last days we ate it without dressing, it’s perfectly fine without… but it does also taste fantastic with dressing.

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