Shake Hands Kitty

Not much new stories to tell, I’ve been quite busy with some bureaucratic stuff over the last days. You know, annoying paperwork and so. Apart from that, we had some really good days here and I would say we have the first signs of spring weather. The husband of my mother and me went to the garden last sunday and we saw first flowers and noticed the first warm sunbeams. I didn’t take much pictures that day, I maybe have some on my phone. But I have a new photo of Shyna for you as you can see above. With … Continue reading Shake Hands Kitty

Autumn Barbecue

It’s fall and already quite cold here in Northern Germany. Anyway, we got the idea to make barbecue in our garden. It’s very nice if it’s cold but if you can warm up near the fire. Sadly I didn’t take photos of the food. We made buns and ate them with sausages and mustard. But I showed sausage buns already a couple of times on my blog, I guess. A fast search brought this article up for example. It’s true, we eat sausage very often and it is tasty! Continue reading Autumn Barbecue

The Time For New Flower Photos

Even if I don´t dislike autumn or winter, I am happy when a warmer season starts. The main reason is that nature becomes more colourful again. It´s a great time to take new flower photos for example. I did that last week but this week it is rainy again. However, I still have some photos in the pipeline, which I took the last week. Above you can see one of them. Continue reading The Time For New Flower Photos

A Season Ends… Unfreezed Ice Skating Ground

They did set up an ice skating ground on the market in Lübeck but it´s now unfreezed and liquid. I shot this photo last week. But this week it is already a little bit warmer and you can feel the first sun beams. I would say we didn´t have a hard winter. It was fairly warm for a winter. Soon it´s springtime and this is not too bad because I can start to take new flower photos soon. But as a winter fan, I am a little bit sad that there was not much snow and coldness this winter. Continue reading A Season Ends… Unfreezed Ice Skating Ground

New Look of my Living Room and Tons of Photos

As I wrote some days ago, I wanted to refurbish my living room because it was time to do so. Well, I finished the work and thought I share the result now (You can click on the photo to open up the media gallery view)… I wanted to give my living room a warm ambience and I also wanted to have an asia look in this room as I really like that kind of culture and style. The husband of my mother helped me to paint the walls in soft yellow and the ceiling in white. When we finished the … Continue reading New Look of my Living Room and Tons of Photos