Another Beautiful Tiger

When I was in Reinfeld, I often saw cats outside, and sometimes I had my camera with me to take a photo, especially when I was hiking. As I mentioned often, I like to upload many photos of my own cat Shyna, but I am also very happy when I can expand the category with other cat photos. So, I am glad that the cat in the photo above crossed my path a few months ago when I was hiking, it’s a beautiful orange cat. I hope you like the photo too, and it’s promised that I will upload more … Continue reading Another Beautiful Tiger

The Own Chicken Eggs

Not sure what I did different and wrong this month, but I am broke two days before new money. Anyway, I couldn’t care less, my mother has a garden with cool things, including chickens. I wrote about it, the production of eggs was not good at the beginning, of course the chickens were stressed because of the new home. It seems they do produce more and more eggs now, especially eggs in common size and not tiny eggs as they did before. As I am somewhat broke two days before new money, my mother had enough eggs to give me … Continue reading The Own Chicken Eggs

New Look of my Living Room and Tons of Photos

As I wrote some days ago, I wanted to refurbish my living room because it was time to do so. Well, I finished the work and thought I share the result now (You can click on the photo to open up the media gallery view)… I wanted to give my living room a warm ambience and I also wanted to have an asia look in this room as I really like that kind of culture and style. The husband of my mother helped me to paint the walls in soft yellow and the ceiling in white. When we finished the … Continue reading New Look of my Living Room and Tons of Photos

The orange beautiful Flower

I want to continue with my Flower Photography Series. I took a Photo of this beautiful orange Flower but I am unhappy that the Photo is so blurry. Anyway I want to share the Photo because you still can see the beautiful Flower. I still have some more Photos of Flowers I took but I will upload them time by time. By then… You find all other Flowers of the Photo Series here: – Some new Flower Photos, a Spider and the new Digital Camera – This Flower isn´t dangerous – A Flower which could play Music or not – … Continue reading The orange beautiful Flower