Colours of Autumn

Colours of Autumn

I love autumn colours, when the trees and leaves are reddish. I had to take a photo when I saw the beautiful leaves you can see in the attached photo, I zoomed and took the photo. I really love the red and almost orange tones you can find when the autumn season begins.

13 thoughts on “Colours of Autumn

    1. It’s sad that the leaves fall after they got the beautiful color, I’d like to see all the reddish trees for a longer time. I usually get used to the cold weather after some time, but the beginning of the cold time is uncomfortable, I do already feel a little bit snuffy now.

    1. Where do you live that you don’t have autumn? 🙂 When it comes to colours, it’s maybe sad, but you still can be lucky because autumn also often means to get a cold, I feel already a little bit sniffy 😀

      1. I am from the Philippines Dennis, we only have a long summer and about four months of the wet season in a year. What we have plenty of are pristine beaches that even lots of foreigners visit.

      2. I assumed you would be somewhere from Asia… I saw some documentaries of the Philippines, it’s a lovely nature there! It would be one of the countries I’d like to visit some day. I am in Germany not far away from the Baltic Coast, I could be on the beach in 30 mins, however, your beaches are much more beautiful I noticed in TV! 🙂

    1. That is correct German if all plants appear gold coloured in October. 🙂 This October is not too gold coloured, I had to search to find trees that appear so.. but apart from that it also has something to do with lights, maybe the lights are not perfect this month… but there is still some time, some leaves just started to change colour, and some do already fall.

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