Painted Photoshop Kitty

Photoshop Kitty Painting

I was bored yesterday in the evening and started to work on a photo with Photoshop and you can see the result above. I found one photo of Shyna that I didn’t like for some reasons, you can find the original below, but I usually try to do something else with photos when I dislike them. I do generally prefer to experiment, I never have a plan.

In this case I didn’t really know what I wanted to do, to be honest, I just duplicated the image layer a dozen of times and applied different filters to each, blend them with each other, just to find out where this will go. It was experimental, the result is an image that looks as if it’s digitally drawn. It’s maybe not a perfect image, but it was fun to experiment.

Since this happened out of pure boredom and at night, I forgot to save the project, I did just save the images. This would have been a great tutorial, maybe I will replicate this one day to write about it, but there were quite a lot of layers, effects and other adjustments involved to make it look ok. Here is how the original photo of my cat looks like…

Original Cat Photo

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