Painted Photoshop Kitty

I was bored yesterday in the evening and started to work on a photo with Photoshop and you can see the result above. I found one photo of Shyna that I didn’t like for some reasons, you can find the original below, but I usually try to do something else with photos when I dislike them. I do generally prefer to experiment, I never have a plan. In this case I didn’t really know what I wanted to do, to be honest, I just duplicated the image layer a dozen of times and applied different filters to each, blend them … Continue reading Painted Photoshop Kitty

Weekly Photo Challenge: Shadowed

The motto of the recent weekly photo challenge is shadowed and as always we can interpret it as we like and we could for example experiment with shadows. I liked the idea and experimented a little bit. Some day when I did stand near the scratching post of my cat, I noticed how my cat did climb on me from there and liked the view, since then I sometimes let her go on my shoulders and for this photo challenge I did it again. I placed one of the lights so that it shines in the direction of my living … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Shadowed

The Dusty Tech Blog Domain

Over the last day I did just experiment a little bit with my second blog domain that I gave up a while ago and published some articles there. I basically had to come to a decision if I wanted to renew the second domain or not. I still like the idea to create a pure tech and gaming blog with the other domain but there are of course still some concerns as the second blog would basically compete with the technology category of my first blog here. But at the end it doesn’t matter, because a domain renewal doesn’t cost … Continue reading The Dusty Tech Blog Domain

Experimenting a little bit with new Templates and the Design of the Blog

This message here is just for the regular and new readers. It might be that the blog design will change sometimes if you reload the page. Today I am happy to try out new things on the blog. I was a little bit bored by the old blog template. I am still not sure if I will use a new template. At the moment it is just experimenting and trying things out. It might happen that I go back to the old design if I am not happy enough with the things I try out. Just for your information, so … Continue reading Experimenting a little bit with new Templates and the Design of the Blog

Weekly Photo Challenge: Illumination

I don’t know what got into me. But I really didn´t have any idea how I can participate in the Weekly Photo Challenge with the Motto Illumination. But then I found a blue LED at home and asked my self if I could use it for the Weekly Photo Challenge. I searched for more stuff and found a transparent vase which I filled with some water. I did put the vase on two books with a white paper on top. I did place the books so that there is still room between both books because I wanted the LED under … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Illumination