The Dusty Tech Blog Domain

Over the last day I did just experiment a little bit with my second blog domain that I gave up a while ago and published some articles there. I basically had to come to a decision if I wanted to renew the second domain or not. I still like the idea to create a pure tech and gaming blog with the other domain but there are of course still some concerns as the second blog would basically compete with the technology category of my first blog here.

But at the end it doesn’t matter, because a domain renewal doesn’t cost that much, I renewed the domain and wrote some articles there. It’s an experiment for me, to see how far I will go there. I pretty much like the domain name “techfeeling”. But I probably will more focus here as said. My I will write more subjective about technology topic here and more objective on the other blog. Let’s see if I ever will go nuts with the other blog, it doesn’t matter now. I just want to preserve the domain, in case I really want to go crazy with a second and pure tech blog.

I could also reblog between both blogs but I noticed that reblogging is sometimes messed up. I will try it again, but it could happen that I delete my reblogged post if I see any issues again.

In case you ever land on my second blog, don’t expect too much there. I am not really sure how far I will go. It wouldn’t be the first time I give the idea up and import all posts to the blog here. I will see.

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