Abstract Photo And Some News

First of all, above you can see an abstract photo that I shot a while ago, I basically shot a photo of LED lights. I uploaded already a similar one when I remember right, I do at least have several photos of the same scene that I didn’t upload yet. But now to the news… Today I did import around 35 posts and 6 drafts from my second blog, the pure tech niche blog. Some of you know how I did struggle with two blogs, there are several posts about the whole issue on my blog. I gave the second … Continue reading Abstract Photo And Some News

The Dusty Tech Blog Domain

Over the last day I did just experiment a little bit with my second blog domain that I gave up a while ago and published some articles there. I basically had to come to a decision if I wanted to renew the second domain or not. I still like the idea to create a pure tech and gaming blog with the other domain but there are of course still some concerns as the second blog would basically compete with the technology category of my first blog here. But at the end it doesn’t matter, because a domain renewal doesn’t cost … Continue reading The Dusty Tech Blog Domain