Experimenting a little bit with new Templates and the Design of the Blog

This message here is just for the regular and new readers. It might be that the blog design will change sometimes if you reload the page. Today I am happy to try out new things on the blog. I was a little bit bored by the old blog template. I am still not sure if I will use a new template. At the moment it is just experimenting and trying things out. It might happen that I go back to the old design if I am not happy enough with the things I try out. Just for your information, so that you are not shocked if the design will change when you reload the pages.

Also I try to create a header for the blog with Photoshop. The header image might change a lot today too. I always do things by trying. I am pretty unsure about the headline of the header image. I first thought it might be a good idea to use my heavily used categories as a headline, so that the readers get a short preview about the main blog topics. But as said… I am pretty unsure. Today I will try a lot out.

9 thoughts on “Experimenting a little bit with new Templates and the Design of the Blog

        1. Ok great this is good feedback and helps me for the decision. I like the light one too but was pretty unsure about my opinion. A second opinion can help a lot. Thanks 🙂 I am a creature of habit and my eye´s said “Where is the dark template?”. 😀 But the bright template I am on now, seems to be a little bit more flexible with widget areas, header area and a bright background gives me also more flexibility when I create headers in the future with photoshop. It also might be better readable. I think you are right the new template seems to be fine and clean.

        2. I think this theme will show off your photographs more. My template at the moment looks like someone as been ill on the screen, but then mine is a completely different subject.

        3. I had a similar feeling about my old theme. That´s why I thought it would now be a day for a change after 3 years 😀 I think it´s a matter of how long we did see one and the same theme and then it might annoy us one day. I do agree with what you said about the photos. I also thought they would stand out more on a white background. Thumbs up for your good feedback.

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