Not funny if you have to make changes on over 200 blogpost´s

Ok, yesterday I went through the hell. I experimented with new themes for my blog and later I decided to use a new theme I found. But then I decided to sort out the category mess on my blog. I started with it and got a big shock…

I found out that all my older blog post´s with images messed the complete layout of the new theme. I uploaded many images to external image hosts like Photobucket in the past and used them on my older blog post´s heavily. Today I only upload images to my blog web space. But the Photobucket images from the older days did mess the theme up, not the new images which I host on WordPress.

The problem occurred on over 200 of 418 articles. Many images where overlapping the widget sidebar. Hard to explain but in a nutshell, the complete layout of the template was destroyed. I realized that I have to upload all the images of the 200 posts to WordPress and make the code changes manually on each article.

I did it fast but I believe it took me more than two hours anyway. Can you image how it is if you have to do the same clicks and procedure more than 200 times? I just can say that you feel like being ready for the madhouse after this procedure. I was able to fall asleep fast and deep after the job was done 😀

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