I will Keep the New Theme and Header for my Blog

Even if I mentioned the theme change already today, I just say some words about it now for the sake of the completeness. The thing is that I just experimented with new themes but I was not so sure if I would make a real change. But now it is. That´s what I wanted to say… the new and brighter theme called Twenty Ten.

I used the Parament before but after 3 years with the same theme, I thought it would be a day for changes. Parament is really a great theme and there is nothing to say about but the Twenty Ten theme gives me more flexibility with the columns and widgets as I now have also an option for footer widgets.

Text on a white background seems to be very readable and the white background does also give me a lot of flexibility if I want to create different header images with Photoshop in the future. A reader commented on the other blog post mentioned above, that it would also highlight the photos I post. I do agree pretty much.

So, not only that a reader said it is a clean design, I asked family and friends who had the same opinion. Which means I got some friendly and nice feedback about the changes. Last of all, I do love the Twenty Ten template pretty much as well. Even if I am a creature of habit, I accustomed to the new theme already in a time span of two or three hours.

About the header… Some readers might have seen my latest contribution to the weekly photo challenge. I explained in the other post that it is a photo of barley grain seed in front of a white balcony solar protection wall. Due to the white background, it is in my opinion a very good image to put text over it. I thought it would be a great one to create a header.

Well, that´s what I´ve done. I did put some words about the categories I write mostly about, on the image and stated on the header that my blog is about various topics. And that´s it… it´s something like my digital diary where I write about all my interests. I might create some more header images in the future as there is one option to show different header images when a reader is reloading the page. I like the idea. I think I uploaded already so much own photography and graphics that there are also other header possibilities in the future.

But to be honest, my changes were also made as the older template did highlight the domain name too much and I am not so happy with my domain name anymore. However, I am also afraid to change the domain name again as the blog gets already a good amount of traffic via google. Which means the blog starts to establish under the domain I use now.

I had many ideas for white header logos but the other theme with a dark background did not allow me to use white in the header. I mean white on black does look awful, Now I have as said flexibility for brighter and darker images in the header. I still mention the domain name in the header but I don´t higlight it too much. Now it looks surprisingly good and decent. Minimalist theme, that´s what I like.

I am not sure if I forgot anything. Some people told me their opinion already. But what do you mean? Do you like the Twenty Ten theme? Do you like my new header?

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