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Now comes the Hard Part: Sorting out the Category Mess on my Blog

Ok I noticed this already many months but I was too lazy to sort the mess out. My categories are completely messed up. Well, it´s not easy to maintain a structure in the categories of a blog with so many topics. But it must be done now. I really want to sort this mess out, to have a nice link structure under the header logo soon.

Also I really would like to get rid of the category widget on the right widget area. I believe a category cloud is absolutely enough and the menu under the header I am working on, will be way enough too and then it does not look too cluttered I hope.

But there is truly some trouble with sub-categories as I have some double-entries and too many sub-categories anyway. Now that the blog has a new layout, it´s time to clean up all the other mess I produced. Time to go to the kitchen grab chips and ice tea. And then I will sort out this hell.

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