Weekly Photo Challenge: Illumination


I don’t know what got into me. But I really didn´t have any idea how I can participate in the Weekly Photo Challenge with the Motto Illumination.

But then I found a blue LED at home and asked my self if I could use it for the Weekly Photo Challenge. I searched for more stuff and found a transparent vase which I filled with some water. I did put the vase on two books with a white paper on top. I did place the books so that there is still room between both books because I wanted the LED under the white paper and vase. I wanted to see the illumination go through the glass and was wondering if this would make a good photo. Finally I did add a black construction paper as background…


Now I turned the lights in my room off to take some photos…

I love the Weekly Photo Challenge and this was the only idea I had. I definitely wanted to participate. So excuse my pointless experiment please. 🙂
But I must admit, illumination of glass looks pretty cool! Dont you think?

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