Honey Balls with Milk.. I Like it


I usually dont eat products with to much sugar often but there are exceptions. I mean sometimes I do enjoy some sweeter things as well. I dont go without sweet stuff completely. I like Honey Balls and I eat them maybe one time in a week or two. I put them in my milk and wait until the balls get soft so that the milk gets a honey flavor. That is so tasty if the milk is cold.

The fun thing is that they in germany often advertise stuff like that as healthy. But well, our food industry is anyway a huge lie and they do it with a lot of products and there are enough people who believe everything what they get told. Right, it is tasty but definitely not healthy.

I am not that person who thinks a lot if the stuff I eat is healthy or not but for the industry food I sometimes really think that they could reduce sugar by 50% and it would be still tasty. Also there is a lot of additives in the products and that might be why they are tasty because they are flavor enhancer. I would not think that there is anything healthy in that kind of food. It is simply tasty but nothing else. They are on my table sometimes anyway.

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