Fried Potatoes Spilled and Roasted in Mixed Eggs with Spinach and Two Extra Fried Eggs on Top


My regular readers might think now this is again a creation the husband of my mother cooked. It is a very typical german dish, right. But I cooked it this time. As writen in my blog several times… I am not really a good cook but there are things I can cook as well. Mostly typical german stuff but also some italian and chinese food. The husband of my mother is still a better cook then me but as said… I try my best sometimes too.

The food on the photo is very german. Fried potatoes are famous here. There are several differend ways to serve the potatoes. Apart from fried potatoes, people often use mashed potatoes or normal potatoes instead. It is all tasty. But this time I did use fried potatoes and spilled them with mixed eggs and roasted that together. I then did cook spinach and fried two extra eggs which I added on top.

Also here there are differend ways to make it. Some people spill the potatoes with mixed eggs and fry it together while other people just do fry eggs and add them later on. I did both. I think many people just decide what they want to do. The spinach just gets warmed up and is not a must. It is even tasty without spinach.

I know there are several people who dislike spinach but there are tons of options to create the food on the photo. And as said, several ways to create it but one thing is sure. It is one of the typical german dishes.

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