Finally some Photos of a Mosquito Rasbora Fish

I did spend several days now trying to take some photos of the Mosquito Rasbora Fishes which swimm in my smaller Fish Tank. It is not easy because they are under 3 cm and wont get bigger. Also they must swimm on the front to get them on the photo and then they are too fast so that hundreds of photos were blured.

But now I have some Photos of the Mosquito Rasbora which are ok. But I had to edit them a lot with Adobe Lightroom. But I think the photos are ok now. It was difficult but I wanted them to be on my photos…

4 thoughts on “Finally some Photos of a Mosquito Rasbora Fish

    1. Agree. They are stunning 🙂 I have 17 of them but I am not sure because it is hard to count them as they are fast little swimmers. But it is so relaxing to watch them swimm. One of my favorite fishes because the beautiful red colour. 🙂 Thanks for the comment.

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