Busy Autumn

The photos in the gallery of this post are not very special, but they show the colours I like when autumn starts. I shot the photos a half month ago at the time I published this photo, now you don’t see a lot of red, yellow and orange colours anymore, because most of the leaves did already fall and the rain made everything look dirty. I was quite busy over the last weeks and didn’t post a lot, but I still have a big backlog of photos for future posts.

8 thoughts on “Busy Autumn

  1. Our trees are bare already. Have been for a week … and it’s getting cold.

    I wanted to thank you AGAIN for the script that keeps WordPress’s latest awfulest interface away. If you were to repost that again, I would repost it too. Many people are very unhappy with the latest changes which, thank to you, I have been spared!

    1. Here too, the photos are a bit old, as I have been too busy to publish things on my blog, some photos come very delayed 🙂

      I think the script creator should get all the laurels, but I am happy that people liked my tutorial how to install the script. Since WP did yet again advertise their latest awful editor and the new updates of it, I might create a reminder about the bypass script some day. I do agree, and I see a lot of people arriving at my article about the script via Google with search queries like “How to get the old WordPress editor back” and so on… there is definitely high demand to bypass the new editor. To be honest, if there wouldn’t be a script to bypass it, I would have searched a better place to host my blog. 😀

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