Grandpa’s Birthday Cakes

Grandpa turned 75 today and we celebrated his birthday. The family came together again, and when I say again, then because there are several birthday’s of family members by the end of the year. His birthday is always the last in the year, after it there is only Christmas.

So, we came together to talk, to enjoy the day together, and as always, to eat delicious cakes! You can see the cakes in the photo gallery of this post. We had a tasty yellow or orange cake, that one was extremely delicious and tasted like lemon and orange, and it tasted very creamy, I liked this cake. Then we had marble cake again, also tasty waffles, and now that the Christmas time is not far away also chocolate gingerbread!

On a sidenote, I still have been very busy the past weeks, that’s why my blog was a little bit neglected. I do take care about my little cousin at the moment because my uncle has some health problems. Apart from taking care, I do also help her with the English homework, because she had problems there. Other things kept me busy too, I had to slow down a bit.

4 thoughts on “Grandpa’s Birthday Cakes

  1. Everything seems so delicious, I can eat all of them 🙂 Happy Birthday to the grandfather, and my best wishes. How nice all family comes together because of these important days. But I am sorry to hear your uncle’s health problem. I hope and wish him to recovery soon. Sometimes we can be busy with our real life things 🙂 but we always catch again to each others. Don’t be sorry for this. Just be fine and enjoy your days. Thank you dear Dennis, Love, nia

    1. I like those days too, it’s good when people come together to enjoy the day. Grandpa looked very happy too about that 🙂 Thanks for the wishes for both, my grandpa and for my uncle… my uncle is on the way to recover, but he needs some time, however, we help him with everything, that is what family is about too. 🙂

      I am not sorry for this, I just wanted to mention it so that regular readers know that nothing bad happened to me, I got some emails where people asked if everything is fine with me, because usually I am much more active 😀

      Thanks Nia, have a good time too!

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