The Own Chicken Eggs

The eggs of our chickens

Not sure what I did different and wrong this month, but I am broke two days before new money. Anyway, I couldn’t care less, my mother has a garden with cool things, including chickens. I wrote about it, the production of eggs was not good at the beginning, of course the chickens were stressed because of the new home. It seems they do produce more and more eggs now, especially eggs in common size and not tiny eggs as they did before.

As I am somewhat broke two days before new money, my mother had enough eggs to give me some, and I still had potatoes at home. What do you do with potatoes and eggs? You make Bratkartoffeln und Ei, or in english Fried Potatoes With Eggs. This is one of my favorite dishes anyway, it doesn’t only taste good, it does make you full. That is something cool about the garden and the chickens, it’s the first time I did eat our own eggs, tasty!

fried potatoes - bratkartoffeln

First thing I noticed, the yolk of our own eggs is yellow-orange. In Germany we call egg yolk “Eigelb”, there are to words that make the word “Ei” and “gelb”, that means “Egg” and “yellow”, similar to English it does also just mean “the yellow of the egg”. But here comes the thing, I always wondered why it’s called yellow if the yolk of German eggs is rather orange, I guess the answer is that German industry eggs have dark orange yolk, our own eggs from the garden look pretty different.

Asking Google, I found out that you can draw a conclusion about the chicken’s nutrition with the colour of the yolk. The more carotenoid the chickens ingest, the stronger the colouring of the yolk, you find carotenoid in fruits and vegetables. I found out yellow yolk is prefered by the US consumers, and orange yolk by the European consumers. So, as with almost any product, the industry does mix lots dye stuffs into the chicken’s nutrition to get the desired colours in the yolk, to fake your product, that’s what I have read today. In the case of our German industry eggs, its super dark orange, you probably need a lot of carotenoid to achieve that look.

So, the conclusion here is, if you find an egg with natural yellow yolk in Germany, it’s most likely a real bio-food egg, if its dark orange, it’s most likely an egg from a distressed chicken of these horrible German mass production facilities where chickens have not much more room for movement than the own body size, a chicken that is fed with a massive amount of carotenoid, to make me (in my case) the European consumer “happy” about the deep orange colour of the yolk.

4 thoughts on “The Own Chicken Eggs

  1. If people took the time to learn about the horrible lives of battery hens maybe they would not care so much about the colour of the yolk. Eggs from happy hens have to taste nicer. We have the same issues here of course and there are various grades of eggs, barn laid, cage laid, free range etc but at least in the country you often can buy or are given eggs from people who keep a few “chooks” at home.

    1. In the city, on fridays we have these markets where local farmers can present and sell their products, I do buy there too, it’s just that I can’t do it always because it adds up in money. This is so sad, if you understand the problems with this modern food industry, you wish to stop supporting it, but it’s very hard to do that since bio food does cost a lot more than those mass produced things. But when my pockets are deep, I do prefer to buy local stuff too, now I am happy that I can also use good things from our garden at times.

      I agree with you, I saw a documentary about these battery hens and also about other animals, it’s so horrible. We have over production anyway, but yet the industry tries to produce as much as possible, pigs, cows and hens on smalles spaces… using chemicals to get even bigger profit and so on, really bad what is going on. The sad truth is, you can not buy everything locally, but it’s good to do that when you can, that is a good first step to show that we care more about good conditions for the animals than size of the meat or colours of egg yolk and so.

      What you say about the country, I liked that too… the area near the camp ground where I was with my grandparents often when I was a child, that is more rural there with many farmers, I remember when grandpa drove to one of the farmers with me, we came back to the camp ground with really good eggs, beans, potatoes, strawberries and so on 🙂 And you could see the animals there had it very good 🙂

      1. Unfortunately it is true that organic food costs more than the stuff you buy in the supermarket and I can’t afford to do that often either. We have growers markets too, a tiny one locally and others elsewhere, we also have roadside stands selling fruit and vegetables. In our apple producing area I always prefer to buy apples either from one of these stands which often have an “honesty box” where you just take the apples and leave the money in a box, or at least from our local shop who use local suppliers. I’m not a foodie but I like to think that local people will get the money if possible. As much as I love animals I don’t think that I coujld be a vegetarian. I love to eat meat but I think animals should be killed humanely and sadly that doesn’t always happen. Animal activists would like to see live export of animals stopped for this reason. There have been very distressing pictures and videos of sheep and cattle being slaughtered in foreign countries in the news lately.

      2. I love the idea with the “honesty box”… As a merchant I would be afraid that not everyone would pay for my apples 😀 But it sounds cool, and I assume it works well.

        I agree with you about the subject vegetarian, I think the same at this point. I like animals, but I also like to eat meat, I wouldn’t be able to change that.
        I can come up with something about this…

        I have still contact to one of my ex-girlfriends, she is ok and we decided to stay in contact.
        She is vegetarian, but she never was very radical at this point,.. when we were together, we would go shopping for food and she would also buy meat for me, she did even cook dishes with meat for me, it’s just that you wouldn’t find meat on her plate.

        When I asked her, she said “I decided to stop eating meat because I do not want to support the things that are going on in the big industry slaughterhouses”. She mentioned a couple of other reasons related to the same stuff we comment about here.
        What I liked was, she also said “That was my decision, of course I can not demand that from my boyfriend or anyone else” and kept going on and said that she would like it if I think about it, but she wouldn’t demand that I change something. So, absolutely not radical,.. but she clearly wanted to change something on her own. To be honest, I don’t think she is changing a lot, but anyway, I have much respect because I couldn’t do that.

        I am different. I see it as you said, I don’t want to stop eating meat, we humans are not unnormal, this is nature and most animals prefer meat too, I don’t have a problem with this aspect. As you, I just wish that the conditions for the animals are good until theit time has come, and then it should be done humanely, I agree. You are right, it doesn’t happen, these documentaries I saw were quite shocking to me.

        That’s the doomlo0p we are in. All I try to do is to check out if the political party I vote does not exlude animal rights in their program, as much as I think a lot about economical questions, I check out if they have animal rights in their program too. Many parties have something in their program, but you find it on the last side or on a special extra flyer, it’s sad, it should have more importance.

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