Dandelion Close-Up

This close-up photo of a Dandelion plant wasn’t shot with a macro lens, I actually used my Tamron 70-300mm to take the photo. It’s a tele lens and the photo was shot at 300mm focal length, so, that’s basically what I’d call a pseudo-macro shot but it works too. I hope you like the photo. The plant is called Common Dandelion (Taraxacum officinale). By the way, by uploading the image I realized I photographed that plant already in 2014 and it’s funny when you find out how your photography changed with the years. Continue reading Dandelion Close-Up

Yellow and Red

I thought I do a photo post about colors today. I decided to upload the picture because I like how the two colors work together. I shot the photo a while ago in my living room. I have a red curtain and in the middle, I hung up a yellow paper lantern. A year later I threw the paper lantern away because it had a lot of dust on it and then I hung up a white lantern as I still had one of these. White looked great too as a contrast to the red curtain. Today, I still have … Continue reading Yellow and Red

Yellow Farmland

It’s the first time I don’t like an English translation. I just typed the German word for this seed into an online dictionary and was pretty surprised about the translation, it’s a quite ambiguous word. Is this crop really called “rape” in English, or is there a better translation? I found the word “coleseed”, but the dictionary says it is a dated English word. Anyway, let’s talk about the photo. Of course, I took the photo again during one of my hikes. I liked the tracks of the tractors in the field, because it gives the image a bit of … Continue reading Yellow Farmland

The Own Chicken Eggs

Not sure what I did different and wrong this month, but I am broke two days before new money. Anyway, I couldn’t care less, my mother has a garden with cool things, including chickens. I wrote about it, the production of eggs was not good at the beginning, of course the chickens were stressed because of the new home. It seems they do produce more and more eggs now, especially eggs in common size and not tiny eggs as they did before. As I am somewhat broke two days before new money, my mother had enough eggs to give me … Continue reading The Own Chicken Eggs