Yellow and Red

Paper lantern

I thought I do a photo post about colors today. I decided to upload the picture because I like how the two colors work together. I shot the photo a while ago in my living room. I have a red curtain and in the middle, I hung up a yellow paper lantern. A year later I threw the paper lantern away because it had a lot of dust on it and then I hung up a white lantern as I still had one of these. White looked great too as a contrast to the red curtain. Today, I still have the red curtain but no lantern anymore but I should purchase one of these again as they don’t cost much more than €2 or so.

4 thoughts on “Yellow and Red

  1. Red and yellow do go well together. I have a favourite red and yellow picture I took in Singapore of flower garlands in those colours. The paper lanterns are nice but yes, once they get dirty not a lot you can do or sometimes they fade in the sunlight but they are cheap so you can always have another.

  2. Did you upload the picture? I always like this color combination too and I don’t know why. It just works. But I personally always described that this combination is warm and cozy in my opinion.

    Yes, you can find them here in all those 1-Euro-Stores… next time I visit one, I take some of these lanterns home again because I liked them.

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