New Running Shoes

Puma Unisex Leader Vt Sl Training Shoes

I purchases the shoes above online. To be honest, I do already have a decent running outfit but I still ran with sneakers. I always liked to do fitness with sneakers and I would probably continue to do so, but the trail I am running is shingly. That’s really the only issue, my sneakers had a flat sole and one day I got hurt because one tiny but sharp pebble went right through my sneakers. The result was that I needed to take a week-long break from running because I had pain in my heel. So, I got these nice Puma shoes, and I feel no stones anymore when I do run that particular trail.

But I had to get used to them. The truth is, running shoes always feel like moon boots compared to flat sneakers. The first five runs, I had zero chance to run the same distance I was used to. This is about 3-5 kilometers depending on my condition during the day. But now I couldn’t even run 1 kilometer without getting cramps in the calf. Me and a friend, we had a theory, it’s probably that you use different fibres if you run on flat sneakers, while running shoes have a slight slope and are not flat at the sole. And no joke, I could definitely feel how different fibres in my calf were at work. In other words, I had to run with the shoes a couple of times to build up the muscles. And you know what? We have been right, this must have been the problem.

No I run the same distance again, in fact one day I managed it to run much more than my usual distance. And the good thing is, the tiny and sharp stones can’t hurt my feet anymore. But then again, I would probably still run with sneakers if the sole would be a bit bigger or if I would have decent running inlays. I really prefer sneakers over running shoes, but since I got used to the running shoes, I won’t complain anymore. They’re just working fine for me now. Fun fact about the Puma’s, a friend said “They are too good to use them for running, they look like disco shoes”. I guess he is not wrong, they look good, but I don’t care. As a sneaker fanatic, and if I wouldn’t do fitness, I would never get the idea to wear white sport shoes anyway.


2 thoughts on “New Running Shoes

    1. I am doing it already since spring 🙂 I feel super fit at the moment!

      I also got a couple of things for autumn, so that it’s not too cold when autumn starts.

      But during winter I will take a fitness break, because then it’s way too cold. Also I don’t like fitness clubs 😦

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