A Ladybug On A Blue Jeans

Ladybug on a Jeans

As promised here, I have some nice new ladybug photos and I want to show you one of them now. You see how the nature starts to flourish and at the same time you can find the first insects, that is what I like about springtime.

Some things on our earth are so beautiful that you don´t need a professional camera or image editing, to show the prettiness. I think ladybugs are a great example here. They are simply beautiful on their own and it is always cool if you have them on a photo. I didn´t do anything other than resizing the image.

6 thoughts on “A Ladybug On A Blue Jeans

  1. [ Smiles ] Dennis, that ladybug really looks great on the blue jeans.

    Great picture, my friend.

    1. Thank you. 🙂 Yes red on blue works pretty well here, I think too. But this is really an image where the mother nature is the artist. Now starts the more colourful season and all we have to do is saving the moments digitally 🙂

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