Fly On The Wall

I shot the image some days ago with my point and shoot camera but I had some luck because the fly on the wall didn´t react well when I came closer with my camera. Not sure what was wrong with this fly because they do usually escape if you are too close and you know what kind of reaction they have. But this fly was very slow maybe ill, so that I was able to take this close-up shot with my digital camera. I like this image anyhow. It´s a good one for my insects photo collection. Continue reading Fly On The Wall

Ant Power And Teamwork

I shot the photo above some weeks ago when I was in Salem to have a barbecue. I found many ants there and really liked it, when I saw an ant that carried another one. The autofocus of my point and shoot camera does not always work very well. In this case, the ants did always run out of the focus, which resulted in a very blurry photo. I did add an amount of sharpening with Adobe Lightroom to fix this a little bit at least. What I love about ants is that they are team players and they have … Continue reading Ant Power And Teamwork

What Kind Of Insect Is This?

To be honest, I am not sure what kind of thing this insect on the photo is. My mother took the image when they drove to the campsite in Salem last weekend. I wrote several times about Salem here on my blog and this place is near Ratzeburg and Mölln. Or in other words, round about 30 kilometers south from Lübeck where we live. There is a lot of untouched nature in the area of Salem and you can find all kind of animals and insects there and sometimes you do really wonder what you find. I was not there … Continue reading What Kind Of Insect Is This?