What Kind Of Insect Is This?

Any Kind Of Insect

To be honest, I am not sure what kind of thing this insect on the photo is. My mother took the image when they drove to the campsite in Salem last weekend. I wrote several times about Salem here on my blog and this place is near Ratzeburg and Mölln. Or in other words, round about 30 kilometers south from Lübeck where we live.

There is a lot of untouched nature in the area of Salem and you can find all kind of animals and insects there and sometimes you do really wonder what you find. I was not there on the weekend but my mother did send me the image and nobody of us was sure about this thing. I quickly asked Google and I ask myself if it could be a ground beetle (Cicindela hybrida)? Or any kind of longhorn beetle? I am not really sure but this thing looks strange!

6 thoughts on “What Kind Of Insect Is This?

  1. I’m glad you found it what it was. Your question reminded me of a story my sister told me. She was at work one night and saw a strange insect so she asked one of her workmates what it was. “This one is very bad.” he replied and stomped on it so it was unrecognisable. This workmate was Italian and he did not know the English name for the now defunct bug. Other workmates were consulted, two other Italians and a Greek. Every one of them knew what the insect was. None of them could explain in English. My sister never found out what the mysterious insect was and to this day that still “bugs” her.

    1. Oh I think her workmate didn´t like insects. I know some people do rather kill insects than being interested in them and accept them as living things too. But your sister was interested to understand what kind of insect it was. I am also one of those who hates unanswered questions in my head. I can carry questions with me for a long time too, sometimes so long until they get answered. In this case, “bugs” her, fits quite well, true! 😀

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