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Fly On The Wall

Fly On The Wall

I shot the image some days ago with my point and shoot camera but I had some luck because the fly on the wall didn´t react well when I came closer with my camera. Not sure what was wrong with this fly because they do usually escape if you are too close and you know what kind of reaction they have. But this fly was very slow maybe ill, so that I was able to take this close-up shot with my digital camera. I like this image anyhow. It´s a good one for my insects photo collection.


  1. A good photo but the fly is probably ill as you suspect or reaching the end of its life. The legs look flattened out more than would be normal in a healthy active fly …

    • Yes I believe that too. This fly seemed to be very lethargic and was only able to run the wall up and down but not fast. The wings seemed to be intact but this fly probably reached the end of lifetime as you said.

    • Hmm, I do think this is not the problem because I have some other photos that I shot at this moment but I didn´t upload them as they are not that good as the one I posted here. But there is one blurry photo from the other side and another angle and the legs are there. It might be that it´s the angle of this photo that makes it look like there would be missing legs. But for a moment I thought you would be right, until I looked into the folder of the other photos of this fly.

    • Oh I looked again on the other photo and I think you are right… I think a fly should have 6 legs but the photo from the other side that I have saved in my folder, there I can see only two legs on the left side too. No, you seem to be right I guess! You solved the riddle!

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