Fir Hedge Background

Still experimenting with my new 40mm lens. And I realized you can also take some photos with it that could work as a nice Windows background on my PC, or as a background on my mobile devices. What I did there with the image above was getting very close to a fir hedge, focussing in the front and having depth of field in the background. I like photos like this one and will probably take my own background images in the future. I uploaded the image without doing any edits because I liked it as it came out of the … Continue reading Fir Hedge Background

Tips To Get Close-Up Insect Photos With The Nikon 18-105mm Lens

I mentioned several times now in my blog that it’s impossible to get real macro photos with the Nikon 18-105mm lens, however, in this post I will write down how you can get decent insect close-up shots with this lens, it’s possible but not without limits. First of all, it’s definitely impossible to take close-up photos of any insects smaller than a bumblebee, common bee or wasp, of course you can take photos of anything smaller but I wouldn’t call it close-up anymore, the fact is you can not really get closer to tiny insects. But you can get quite … Continue reading Tips To Get Close-Up Insect Photos With The Nikon 18-105mm Lens

Ant on the Plant

I was not sure how to call this post here but then I got an idea, and a second later I had to laugh because I love how the title “Ant on the Plant” rhymes. Talking about the photo, I used the macro mode of my digital camera to capture the photo of the ant. The macro mode will of course not do wonders because the camera is cheap, but sometimes it works out well. The photo was quite blurry anyway, but I could fix it anyhow with Lightroom. Continue reading Ant on the Plant

Sharp Cat Claws

Above you can see a photo of Shyna´s claws. I took already several claw photos but today I noticed that she stretched her claws again and I immediately took my point-and-shoot camera to take a photo in the macro mode. While I have already a few of these photos, I find them so interesting that I want to take more of them. Whenever I upload cat claw photos, I usually also suggest that declawing your cat isn´t a good idea, in fact I do think that declawing a cat is pretty cruel. Continue reading Sharp Cat Claws

Fly On The Wall

I shot the image some days ago with my point and shoot camera but I had some luck because the fly on the wall didn´t react well when I came closer with my camera. Not sure what was wrong with this fly because they do usually escape if you are too close and you know what kind of reaction they have. But this fly was very slow maybe ill, so that I was able to take this close-up shot with my digital camera. I like this image anyhow. It´s a good one for my insects photo collection. Continue reading Fly On The Wall