Sharp Cat Claws

Cat Claws

Above you can see a photo of Shyna´s claws. I took already several claw photos but today I noticed that she stretched her claws again and I immediately took my point-and-shoot camera to take a photo in the macro mode. While I have already a few of these photos, I find them so interesting that I want to take more of them.

Whenever I upload cat claw photos, I usually also suggest that declawing your cat isn´t a good idea, in fact I do think that declawing a cat is pretty cruel.


7 thoughts on “Sharp Cat Claws

  1. I agree too that declawing is bad. My wife had a cat declawed before I met her and before she knew it was bad for the cat. She regretted it later because the cat would sometimes show signs of pain in his paws, even into old age.

    1. True Charles, I heard that can happen. It can even cause infections in the paw and so as I have read. It´s good that she knows better now. A friend of me is born as a bleeder and thought about declawing his cat but I honestly told him that another pet might have been a better option in his case if he was concerned. This is years ago, he luckily never declawed his cat and didn´t give the cat away, because he didn´t have any problems. Cats love trouble but that doesn´t mean that they don´t know boundaries. I guess we cat owner have more scratches than wounds after playing 🙂

      I think there is not a single reason to declaw a cat. If it´s destroyed furniture, the root of the evil is not the claw, it´s that we need to understand how we can convince a cat to not do that again, and it´s possible as I experienced on my own back then. Declawing isn´t a solution.

      1. I think that is inevitable and ok as long as our cats don´t go mad and radically destroy our furniture, *laughing*. Shyna´s claws are sometimes in the couch too and I know the little holes. If she gets a little bit too excited about vandalism, my voice becomes loud and she stops doing so. Claps in my hands are working too. As many cats, she dislikes loud noises. 🙂 There must be boundaries, furniture is not that cheap.

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