Yet Again one of my new Kitty Images

Photoshopped Cat Shyna

As often, I took some new photos with Shyna. I really love that because I can connect her and my interests at the same time. I mean, to put her into the picture I sometimes use her toys or other tricks and that means it is playing and activity for her as well, while I can pursue my interests, photography and creating photos that I can edit later on with Lightroom or Photoshop to experiment with images or practice certain techniques.

The photo above is yet another result of some experiments and editing. Apart from the fact that my cat is always beautiful, I thought the original photo, that I show you later, could be spiced up. So, the result above is the heavily edited outcome. To get there, I did some things that I do pretty often. First I made adjustments of the colors, exposure, levels, shadows and highlights. I also sharpened the image to make the fur really stand out more. I love to give photos a little unreal or artistic look and decided to change her eye color to a yellow or gold tone. Then I manually created a black Vignette effect around my cat to put her more into focus than the background. Finally I added a gradient map to bleach the image a little bit but I adjusted the effect so that it appears just a little.

Here is how the photo looked like before I edited it…

My Cat Photo Before Editing

While the photo is not too bad, I really wanted to play with it. There were much possibilities but I think I am happy with the image I created out of it. The edited photo that I showed you first could really be used as a wallpaper. I maybe will change the aspect ratio to my desktop resolution and take a look if it looks cool as a wallpaper.

Editing photos is really fun and good way to kill boredom. Not only for me, also for the cat when we take the photos. That is cool.

14 thoughts on “Yet Again one of my new Kitty Images

    1. Thank you. I´m glad that some people enjoy them 🙂 She´s not only my cat, she´s also the mascot of this blog which means there will always be new photos. 🙂

  1. I’m totally taken with your cat, Dennis! We lost our kitty last September and yours is so precious. I may draw her for my 100 Faces Challenge, if you don’t mind….I will link back to whatever photo I used here, if that’s ok with you. It’s hard to choose; you take so many terrific photos!

    1. That’s very sad Laura, it must have been difficult for you. Our pets are family members, it’s tragic if something happens to them. I’ve always been afraid about this, although my cat Shyna is very healthy imo, but well, yours must have been too back then and things happen… I lost a dog once when I was a teenager, I grown up with the dog for a decade, and when we had to put her to sleep, it was incredible sad.

      Laura, I’d be happy if one of my photos would inspire you and make you start drawing. I’d be thankful for the link, and I am very curious what you come up with, if you do this.
      Feel free to take a look, and be inspired 🙂 I like if art meets art 🙂

        1. That’s a good age I think, but of course still sad. But time is flying, yeah… About Shyna, without looking at the vet documents, I believe Shyna should be around 7 now, maybe 8 now. Time is really flying, I still remember when I got her and she discovered her new home, she was so little… you know those 12 weeks old fur-monsters and what they are up to 🙂 But she is still cute today. Anyway, here are some of her first photos, I sadly lost a lot of photos back then due to a harddrive crash, but I could recover some of them…

        2. Hehe, I sometimes think about this too… I would like to have a second cat, but it might be difficult because Shyna is the only princess here imo. 😀

        3. I know what you mean. Penny was the same way. Our second kitty was a rescue, homeless and so we took him even though she really wasn’t happy. Then he wound up passing away before her (he had a tumor around his heart, poor thing) and she really missed him. Even though they fought constantly. But yeah, some cats don’t take too kindly to competition.

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