My Pictures From The Past: Golden Eyes Cat

Photoshopped Cat Shyna

Here is another photo that I wanted to share again with the new “My pictures from the past” series that I talked about in my previous post. In this post I want to share a photo again that I published in 2014 on my blog. It seems I experimented with Lightroom and Photoshop to see what I can get out of my cat’s photo and went the unreal or artistic looking route. I do like the idea with the golden eyes, it looks unreal but beautiful. It’s also funny that you can see a heart shape on Shyna’s chin, but this is not photoshopped, it really looks like a heart shape sometimes depending from what kind of angle or perspective the photo is taken.

2 thoughts on “My Pictures From The Past: Golden Eyes Cat

    1. Thank you Trisha. Yes, the eyes did already stand out in the original photo. It was easy to color them golden and I also brightened the eyes up in Photoshop to make them even stand out more. It looks unreal, but that’s really cool sometimes. It was more the artsy approach in this case 🙂

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