The Witcher Screenshots and Suggestion to Play the Game

The Witcher 1 Screenshot 03

I recently played through the PC game called The Witcher and had a lot of fun doing so.
It´s not often that I write game reviews and I really wouldn´t say that my article will be a review as I write in my own style. I rather would say that my article will be a suggestion to play the game in case you are adult, because it´s rated for matures. I´ll add a few necessary details to understand what the game is about. I won´t write too much about the story of the game as I don´t want to spoil anything. But at the end I will show a gallery of screenshots that I took while playing through the game, and you can decide if you want to see them or not, but they shouldn´t spoil the story.

The Witcher is a single-player role-play game developed by CD Project RED and published by Atari. The story of the game is based on the Witcher Saga with the same name by the Polish fantasy write Andrzej Sapkowski.

In the game you take control of the character called Geralt of Rivia. He is one of the last remaining “witchers” in this world and a legendary monster hunter. You will notice very early that the world he lives in is full of intrigue and people who struggle over the control of this place. On his path, Geralt needs to make decisions and decisions have consequences. So, your decisions in the game and conversations with other character will have huge impact on the course of the story. This is what makes me say that The Witcher is immersive, but not only this, it comes with great storytelling. It didn´t take a long time until I realized that I entered a world of power fights and intrigues and it really got me, I had to finish the game.

The characters you meet on you path are fully synchronized and the graphics are beautiful too, for a game that was released in 2007, hats off. Technically the game is still up to date and I wonder why I didn´t get my hands on the game earlier. If you are late to the party too, the game is now cheap, grab it! It is an immersive adventure. If you never played any role-play game, try it! If you know other games of the genre such as Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic, Mass Effects and so on, do not think twice, you will love the game!

When I started I really needed some time to enjoy the character controls and the fighting system, however, it didn´t take me longer then twenty minutes until I got used to it. It might be a little bit tricky at first but then you get the full reward of a dangerous fantasy world and an awesome storyline with a lot to discover.

It should also be said that the game is pretty violent and bloody at times, well, you´re a monster hunter and you have to fight anyone who wants to put you obstacles in your way. But the game offers also several tasks that you can complete without violence. As said, it´s often your decision and there are consequences, but sometimes there is no other way and you need to judge with your sword. The game also comes up with strong language and some sexual content but the least rather made me laugh. But to be honest, at some points I had to roll my eyes because the game tried hard to offer a dark setting and it worked but a moment later I had to chuckle because one scene got me another impression. But anyway, overall it was really fun to play and most story parts were well made.

Talking about the length of the content, I can promise that it is much content you get. The Witcher is not a game that you play through in a few hours. I am a little bit of a slower player today but I guess not too slow. It took me over fifty hours to reach the end of the game. But it´s anyway hard to say how long you will take as it really depends if you go just through the main line or if you also spend time on the side quests. But as said, I promise this is one of the bigger games that take longer to get through. But it´s really fun. If you don´t own the game yet and if this is what could be interesting for you, hurry up, grab it cheap and have some fun!

As promised, I will show you some screenshots that I took. I usually took screenshots of the characters in the beautiful cut scenes. If you think the screenshots can spoil anything, close my article now. But if you want to see the screenshots, here you go…

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