Another Fly

Here is another photo of a fly. The photo was quite good as it came out of the camera. But I decided to heavily crop the image because it was still sharp enough for my taste. I am learning that macro photography is a lot of fun and completely different to what I have previously done. I think it’s inevitable, by using my new Nikon 40mm lens, I am probably opening pandoras box, which means I will probably put a longer macro lens on my wishlist in the future. But not yet, I do now have a new lens to … Continue reading Another Fly

A Fly

I was walking through the garden areas and saw a fly on a greenish wooden beam. While people say the Nikon 40mm macro lens isn’t perfect for insect photography, I often try to attempt things anyway. And yes, it’s difficult because you need to come close to have a nice picture, and you know insects are shy. But after using the lens for some days now, I can say it isn’t impossible because sometimes they let you come close. But I still would say it’s very tricky, and in the future, I might get myself a 105mm macro lens or … Continue reading A Fly

Fly On The Wall

I shot the image some days ago with my point and shoot camera but I had some luck because the fly on the wall didn´t react well when I came closer with my camera. Not sure what was wrong with this fly because they do usually escape if you are too close and you know what kind of reaction they have. But this fly was very slow maybe ill, so that I was able to take this close-up shot with my digital camera. I like this image anyhow. It´s a good one for my insects photo collection. Continue reading Fly On The Wall

Kitty shows the Meerkat

Shyna really can make me laugh sometimes. The photo above was a photo by chance. I saw her on top of the couch and she was looking for a fly which flew not in range above her. I took my smart phone and took a photo but at the same time she started to do the meerkat and did stand up as she wanted to catch the fly. The trigger of my smart phone is slow but it was the right moment for the shot. I had to laugh and thought it is another great image to create a lolcat … Continue reading Kitty shows the Meerkat

An awesome Photo of a Hoverfly sitting on a beautiful Flower

My Mother did shot this Photo and I think it is an impressive Photo of a Flower with an Insect which is either sucking Food from the Leaves or seeking for Blackflies. I am not sure. However, this is an Insect which is very common here in North Germany in Summer (I bet you can find them not only in Germany, I am not sure) and this Insect if very active from April to August I think. I guess this Insect is called Schwebefliege (Howerfly). They can fly pretty fast and the transition to stop flying and just hovering looks … Continue reading An awesome Photo of a Hoverfly sitting on a beautiful Flower