An awesome Photo of a Hoverfly sitting on a beautiful Flower


My Mother did shot this Photo and I think it is an impressive Photo of a Flower with an Insect which is either sucking Food from the Leaves or seeking for Blackflies. I am not sure. However, this is an Insect which is very common here in North Germany in Summer (I bet you can find them not only in Germany, I am not sure) and this Insect if very active from April to August I think.

I guess this Insect is called Schwebefliege (Howerfly). They can fly pretty fast and the transition to stop flying and just hovering looks so lightning-fast. Flying fast and then braking abrupt and going over to hovering at one Spot lightning-fast, is what they are Master in. They are Experts in keeping still at one Spot while hovering. It is pretty interesting to watch them.

Back to the Photo, I just can say it is a lucky hit. I think my Mother made a really great Photo of a Hoverfly sitting on a Flower.

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8 thoughts on “An awesome Photo of a Hoverfly sitting on a beautiful Flower

  1. Very pretty close-up. And I normally don’t like insects, but this is a pretty photo!
    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog, btw! Always much appreciated! 🙂

    1. Thanks for the compliment about the photo and the comment. I also dont like every insects but there are some very beautiful insects like the hoverfly for example. It´s indeed a lucky photo. These insects are usualy so fast and it is just luck to get them caught on a photo 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by on my blog as well. I stay tuned about your storys. Always fun to find storys and photos from other parts of the world. When I cant travel to all the places on the world then reading blogs is at least a pretty great way to learn about other culture. I like that 🙂

      1. Very true! You could vacation everywhere in the world vicariously through other bloggers! 🙂
        Look forward to chatting with you some more in the future!

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