I Am Untouchable In My Dreams, And Here Is Why…

I have a recurring dream that I know since a very long time. Back then I had this type of dream quite often, today maybe once a year if I can remember the dream. The dream is always different, but it is usually about a threat on the ground, a group of persons that want to harm me. But the dream is not scary, I’m untouchable because I can fly. The method I use to fly is always the same, I just need to flap with my elbows or arms and then I take off. With each flap I can … Continue reading I Am Untouchable In My Dreams, And Here Is Why…

Daily Prompt: Future Past

Todays question of the Daily Prompt is quite interesting… As a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up? How close or far are you from that vision? The movie Top Gun with Tom Cruise came out 1986 and I was five years old then. I am not sure if I did see the movie 1986 and I bet I didnĀ“t but I am quite sure that I did see the movie several times when I was seven or eight years old. Apart from the fact that this movie was probably a popular one anyway, I was … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Future Past

Amazon is Experimenting with Delivery Drones

Today I came across this TechCrunch article in which the author reports that Amazon is testing so-called Octocopters which are autonomous flying drones. It seems that Amazon is testing if they could be used for delivery of small packets. Amazon calls the tested vehicle and service “Amazon Prime Air” and here is a short presentation how it looks like… Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos came up with this surprise in a tv show with Charlie Rose and nobody knew before that Jeff Bezos would unveil something like this. They walked in a room of the Amazon offices and Jeff Bezos said … Continue reading Amazon is Experimenting with Delivery Drones

An awesome Photo of a Hoverfly sitting on a beautiful Flower

My Mother did shot this Photo and I think it is an impressive Photo of a Flower with an Insect which is either sucking Food from the Leaves or seeking for Blackflies. I am not sure. However, this is an Insect which is very common here in North Germany in Summer (I bet you can find them not only in Germany, I am not sure) and this Insect if very active from April to August I think. I guess this Insect is called Schwebefliege (Howerfly). They can fly pretty fast and the transition to stop flying and just hovering looks … Continue reading An awesome Photo of a Hoverfly sitting on a beautiful Flower