This yellow Flower is very pretty

To continue with my Flower Photography Series, here is one new Photo of a beautiful Flower of my Mothers Balcony. I think this Photo is ok for a Beginner.


You find all other Flowers of the Photo Series here:

The orange beautiful Flower
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This Flower isn´t dangerous
A Flower which could play Music or not
Deep Inside the Flowerbed
A pretty yellow Flower and the Bugs
A pink Flower for Birthday

7 thoughts on “This yellow Flower is very pretty

  1. Must say: I admire your visual balance/perspective. My heart beats a little strange when seeing these photos.

    1. Thank you. 🙂 But I do think that I should save money for a professional DLSR camera to make better photos. I usually take photos with my smartphone or with a cheap digital camera but a professional camera is really on my buying list, but it will take some time 😀

        1. I think I didn´t research enough to have a final idea which route I would go, but I have seen already different reviews. I saw a review about the Canon EOS 600D and was impressed. I guess I would go in this direction but if I ever save up enough money, I will really look at all reviews, also the reviews about Nikon cameras and so.

          If I would own a decent DSLR, I would later save some more money to afford a macro lens at some point. Lately, I did enjoy all the macro photos and close up shots that I found on other blogs and websites. I really love it how these lenses can make a small universe big. There are a lot of interesting possibilities then like close up shots of flowers, and other plants, insects or other tiny objects. 🙂

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