Two Photos of the Baltic Sea in Germany Boltenhagen

Here are two Photos of the Baltic Sea in Boltenhagen Germany. I like the coloring of the first Photo. But I am not happy with the second Photo.

I also deleted one Photo because I thought it would not be an important Photo but now I wish I would not have deleted the third Photo because I could tell something about the deleted Photo. The Photo did show the Coast or let me say Beach of Boltenhagen. It was not a great Photo but the thing is, it´s not a sandy Beach. We found a place where you rather can see Tons of Stones on the Beach but no Sand. It is a great place for collecting differend beautiful Stones. I never seen so much Stones at one Place. Maybe you can see on the bottom edge of the first and second Photo that the Ground of the Water is full of little Stones. To sad that I now cant show you the Beach full of Stones. 😦

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