Just Another Interesting Flower

The shot above is one that I took two weeks ago. I can´t get enough of the flower photos. They are beautiful on their own and a nice subject for photos. As always I am not sure about the name of this flower. I should start to study some of them. But as often, I guess some of you experts know the name. I really like this one but I am not happy with the results of the shot. There was wind and my digital camera does not have a very fast auto focus. Anyway, the plant is beautiful. Continue reading Just Another Interesting Flower

Beautiful Yellow Pansy Flower

This is a beautiful yellow Pansy flower. But I didn´t shoot this photo this year. I found the photo on my hard drive and I took the image last year. The original image didn´t look that great. The image was pale but I adjusted the RGB levels in Photoshop or in other words, I added contrast to the image. I think it looks fine now. What do you think? Continue reading Beautiful Yellow Pansy Flower

The Time For New Flower Photos

Even if I don´t dislike autumn or winter, I am happy when a warmer season starts. The main reason is that nature becomes more colourful again. It´s a great time to take new flower photos for example. I did that last week but this week it is rainy again. However, I still have some photos in the pipeline, which I took the last week. Above you can see one of them. Continue reading The Time For New Flower Photos

Still a lot of flower photos on my hard disk…

Already mentioned in the title of this article here. I still have too many flower photos on my hard disk. I took a lot of photos in the summer. Overall I have photos of everything and not only flowers. I should really work that off over time. There are some nice images and I guess I was too lazy to upload them all. But overtime I will do. That´s why I start with the image above. I like that flower image. You can find more flower photos here. Continue reading Still a lot of flower photos on my hard disk…