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Ant Power And Teamwork


I shot the photo above some weeks ago when I was in Salem to have a barbecue. I found many ants there and really liked it, when I saw an ant that carried another one. The autofocus of my point and shoot camera does not always work very well. In this case, the ants did always run out of the focus, which resulted in a very blurry photo. I did add an amount of sharpening with Adobe Lightroom to fix this a little bit at least.

What I love about ants is that they are team players and they have power. I am not sure whats happening on the photo above but it looks like one ant would help an injured workmate. It´s strange if you consider that they can basically carry their own bodyweight and even more. In the past I also saw ants that carry a piece of bread that was fivefold bigger than the ant. It´s really cool how much power they have. I really like ants anyhow. Too sad that the photo is in a bad quality.


    • That´s interesting. Never heard about this species. I love those animal TV reports too. You can learn a lot of new things there. Always amazing 🙂

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