Ant on the Plant

I was not sure how to call this post here but then I got an idea, and a second later I had to laugh because I love how the title “Ant on the Plant” rhymes. Talking about the photo, I used the macro mode of my digital camera to capture the photo of the ant. The macro mode will of course not do wonders because the camera is cheap, but sometimes it works out well. The photo was quite blurry anyway, but I could fix it anyhow with Lightroom. Continue reading Ant on the Plant

Hungry Ants

When I was in the garden, I accidentally lost a small piece of my pancake. It didnĀ“t take much time until a whole army of ants came along to get something from the piece. Ants are pretty interesting creatures. I love their team spirit. You usually see just a few ants first but then they run back to call the whole team. I really like how they work together. I saw several documentaries about them and they are one of my favorite insects. But they are sadly too tiny to make perfect photos of them with my digital camera. But … Continue reading Hungry Ants

Ant Power And Teamwork

I shot the photo above some weeks ago when I was in Salem to have a barbecue. I found many ants there and really liked it, when I saw an ant that carried another one. The autofocus of my point and shoot camera does not always work very well. In this case, the ants did always run out of the focus, which resulted in a very blurry photo. I did add an amount of sharpening with Adobe Lightroom to fix this a little bit at least. What I love about ants is that they are team players and they have … Continue reading Ant Power And Teamwork