Photo Gallery: German Barbecue Fun With The Family

My mother, her husband and me drove to Salem today, to visit my grandma and grandpa, my uncle and aunt and their kids. They have a caravan site there in the nature as I mentioned already a few times on my blog. They have this spot since decades when I was still a child. It´s basically a place where you can relax in the nature near the forests and the lakes if the warm season starts. But I think I mentioned often and you can find all the stories about Salem on my blog. Long story short… we met each other today on grandma´s and grandpa´s campt site to talk and have a nice barbecue. Here are the photos of our banquet and it was extremely delicious…

We really had everything there. Grandma´s super delicious salad and her super tasty boiled potatoes, baguette with herb butter filling, tons of different sausages, steaks and all kind of sauces, spiced and the great herb butter! I´d say it was an imperial feast and we all felt pretty sated. We did end the feast with a nice and cold Bitburger beer and the kids indeed with a fresh Coca Cola. We also talked a lot and we enjoyed the whole day together.

But I also took the chance to take new photos because the nature is the best place to do so. Be prepared for new photos. 🙂

6 thoughts on “Photo Gallery: German Barbecue Fun With The Family

    1. Hehe, I assumed that some people would get hungry after they see the photos 😀 My stomage is stil full but if I see these photos tommorow, I probably will be barbecue hungry again too 😀

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