French Fries And Steak With Onions

Above is a photo for my food and phoneography category, since the snapshot was taken with a phone. A few days ago when the weather was good, my mother invited me and we sat on her balcony. We planned to eat something together but we weren’t creative and decided to eat something simple, french fries with steak and onions and different sauces we wanted to try. It was simple but very tasty. Continue reading French Fries And Steak With Onions

Tasty German Barbecue Combination

Above you can see a very typical German barbecue combination. Not that every German barbecue plate would look like the one on the photo, but I´d say you would at least always find sauerkraut and potato salad on the table, and meat or other things for sure. I used garlic dip and herb butter to make my steak even more delicious. I am a big fan of barbecues. I always laugh when people can´t await to put the meat on fire but when we are finished, people look totally exhausted because they did eat way too much. But if there … Continue reading Tasty German Barbecue Combination

Photo Gallery: German Barbecue Fun With The Family

My mother, her husband and me drove to Salem today, to visit my grandma and grandpa, my uncle and aunt and their kids. They have a caravan site there in the nature as I mentioned already a few times on my blog. They have this spot since decades when I was still a child. It´s basically a place where you can relax in the nature near the forests and the lakes if the warm season starts. But I think I mentioned often and you can find all the stories about Salem on my blog. Long story short… we met each … Continue reading Photo Gallery: German Barbecue Fun With The Family

Noodles With Sauce, Steak and Vegetables

On the image you can see noodles with sauce, a steak and vegetables. Very delicious and again cooked by my mother’s husband. I like his dishes so much. The photo is a little bit older but I still have so many photos in my folders and I really want to save and share them all on my blog. I must say, looking on this photo makes me hungry. Continue reading Noodles With Sauce, Steak and Vegetables

Not every frozen dinner is bad…

Today I bought a frozen meal in one of the local groceries. And I must say it was pretty delicious for a frozen dish. I roasted it 15 minutes in the pan and when it was ready, it looked already pretty tasty. But after the first bits, I decided that it is actually very yummy. It´s called steak house pan and the ingredients were mini steaks, beans, corn and potato pieces. Here is a photo of the meal… Continue reading Not every frozen dinner is bad…

Another Photo of a tasty german Dish

I visited my Mother today and I came to the right Time because her Husband did cook. They then asked me if I want to eat something too. I indeed couldn´t say no. 😉 He cooked Potatoes with String Beans, Onions, Mushrooms (Champignons) and Pork Steak. It was pretty tasty, however I missed a Sauce. I prefer eating most Things with Sauce. While I know they and a lot of other People eat the mentioned Dish above without Sauce. I still liked it too. I especially love Mushrooms pretty much! Continue reading Another Photo of a tasty german Dish