Photo Gallery: New Sand Lizard Photos

Sand Lizard - Zauneindechse 1

I wrote already about the Sand Lizard on my blog and published a photo in the article. But I had the chance to take some new photos of a Sand Lizard, because we were in Salem yesterday, a beautiful place with intact nature. It is quite easy to find Sand Lizard´s in Salem.

Grandma and grandpa have a caravan site there in Salam and grandpa told me that the Sand Lizard´s are everywhere in the bush behind the fences. This was my chance to take new photos of this beautiful reptile and he was right. It took not much time until I found one. So, here is a small photo gallery of a Sand Lizard (click on the gallery to enlarge the photos)…

We call this particular Sand Lizard species in Germany “Zauneidechse” and “Zaun” means “fence” while “eidechse” means “lizard” and the name fits very well to the places where you can find them. Behind fences with enough green! But I mentioned already more details in my article about Sand Lizard´s if you are interested to read more or you can check out the Wikipedia article about the Sand Lizard.

Hope you liked the new photos. The lighting conditions were so great that was even able to get some good shots with my point and shoot camera. I just edited the images a little bit with Adobe Lightroom.

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