Samsung Reveals A New Camera Specialized Smartphone Called Galaxy K Zoom

There were already several rumors about the Samsung Galaxy K Zoom and there were also photos leaked but Samsung did now officially introduce the Galaxy K Zoom..

They call the product a camera specialized smartphone because it is a mix of advanced digital camera technology and the Samsung’s Galaxy smartphone experience.

It´s the successor of the Galaxy S4 zoom. The Galaxy K zoom comes equipped with the retracting lens technology and a 10x optical zoom and 20.7 megapixel BSI CMOS sensor. They say the camera works well in low light conditions and comes with Optical Image Stabilizer (OIS) that reduces the blur caused by movements.

Apart from shooting images, the camera can capture videos in Full HD. They say the camera can take videos and photos crisp and sharp even when the camera is in zoom mode or if there are bad lighting conditions. The device comes also with a Xenon Flash that provides brighter lights than LED´s and they say this improves the quality of the image and adds natural brilliance. So, there seems to be a big focus on the camera and it seems to be a product for mobile photography addicts.

Check out the Galaxy K Zoom specifications if you want to find out some details about the hardware of the smartphone.

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