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15 Million PC Premium Accounts Of Minecraft Sold

Markus Persson, the creator of Minecraft announced on Twitter that the company Mojang achieved to sell 15 million Minecraft premium accounts. A first PC version of the successful sandbox indie game was released May 17, 2009 and Mojang charged €5 for the early premium accounts at the end of 2009. Later in January 2011 after entering beta stage, they increased the price to €15 but it did not stop the success as they reached already 1 million sold premium accounts at that time.

Mojang announced earlier that they reached 21 million sales of the mobile version (iOS and Android) of Minecraft and more than 13,5 million copies of the console versions (Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3). This means they sold already 49.5 million accounts until this day and the Xbox One, Playstation Vita and PlayStation 4 versions are not released yet, which means we can expect to see Mojang celebrate more sold copies soon.

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