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Physiotherapy Helped A Lot…

I mentioned some time ago that I had problems with my jaw after a dental treatment. The problem was called “Trismus” and I also mentioned that I had to visit the physiotherapist. At first I was very sceptical. I had two appointments each weeks and it is funny how time flies. I think I have now twenty appointments behind me and won´t need more. It really helped a lot so that my jaw is ok now. My mouth opening is maybe still not the same as in the past but I can eat now and the jaw is functionally recovered or I am not sure how you would call it in english. But I feel good.

The procedure of Physiotheraphy each week was a little bit annoying, especially because the therapist did knead the muscles in my mouth and she also helped me to widen my mouth opening, which means she did this manually each appointment and it was often painful as hell. Yes, she wore those gloves which means her work was sterile and not a problem. But it was still annoying to have “a stranger” working in your mouth every week and the pain was at times horrible too. But after some weeks we knew each other, so that I didn´t have a bad feeling about it anymore. It´s also strange that you can get used to a certain form of pain.

After a lot of appointments, we noticed that there are good improvements. She said “Now we try something different as the mouth opening is already ok”. We stopped to work on my mouth or the jaw and I got a real back massage and also a massage near my neck and temple. While the last three appointments, she said that the back would work together with the jaw as well, which means it would help. But I do think she did that also because my jaw was already working pretty well again. I must say, I really enjoyed this kind of massage and it was the first professional massage I got. I always thought “Who needs a massage?” or “Why should someone pay for a massage?” but now I think different about it. It is really relaxing and I went out of the building as if I would have been born again. It was great to get a relaxing massage after all the other painful appointments. The last three or four appointments were fantastic. To be honest, I am now convinced that a massage is really cool!

So, long story short… My jaw and mouth opening is now somewhat ok. I got a plan of exercises that I should work on at home to get “the last two percent” of mouth opening done too. But so far, it´s fine and there are no more Physiotherapy appointments. I´d say, one problem less.

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