Less Blogging, More Other Activities… But Not For Ever

My blogging interval did slow down pretty much this month. It has to do with some other activities but that does not mean that I stop blogging or so. Today it´s a little bit sunny but we had some very rainy and cold weeks and most of the time I was at home. Sure, this would have been the perfect time for blogging but…

One evening I had the desire to watch a TV series. I am not really a person who does watch TV or DvD often apart from reports about history or sciences. But over the years there were some series I went through. In the past, a friend lent me the TV series “24” with Jack Bauer and I loved this series pretty much. I also had “Lost” here and did watch every episode as well and would count this one to my favorites. Then another friend lent me “Prison Break” some time ago and I watched all episodes and really enjoyed this one too. Then I have seen all “Two and a half men” episodes in the past and I almost died from laughter. But as said, this happened over the years. It´s not often that I feel the desire to watch a whole series but if so, then I go through a series in a very short timeframe, no matter how many episodes. So over the last days and after a very long series abstinence, I had the desire again to watch a new one, mainly because of the rain outside. I started to watch “Breaking Bad” and I am in the middle of the second season right now. I´d say the series is ok and at times funny but some of the other mentioned series are still my favorites. I will go through “Breaking Bad” anyway, since I am now into the story.

Then I have still some computer games and challenges which I did set myself. There is for example the game “Europa Universalis 4” that I bought some time ago. I am a huge fan of this game series and did also play all the predecessors of this title. It´s a grand strategy game where you can lead one of hundreds nations. You can really choose any country of a certain timeframe of history in the game. In “Europa Universalis 4” for example, you can play from 1444 to 1821 in history. This is indeed a time of many wars and diplomacy and quite challenging to stay “alive” in the game. Since I live in Lübeck and since I am born there, it´s obvious that I often choose to play Lübeck or to be more exact “The Hansa”. In one game I really conquered a lot of North Germany and tried to form the country Germany which is possible in the game. But sadly Austria did prevent me doing so. In another try, I got overrun by France. In the meantime I tried a game with Muscowy and I achieved to form Russia but then I came back to the idea to play “The Hansa” again as I really want to form Germany in the game. You see, it sounds like a challenge and it is. It is also time-consuming to play this game, but not so that it wouldn´t be fun. It´s a hell of fun. I really love this kind of strategy games that are based on history, even if you as a player can change the history. But the start conditions are very well and historical accurate in the beginning but things will change in the game the longer you play, so that it ends completely ahistorical. I love that.

This means that I enjoy some other activities at the moment but as said, this is just for a time. I do also believe that I can get new ideas, inspiration and power for blogging if I enjoy other activities. I believe it is not bad to slow down with blogging at times. I wouldn´t say that this is bad. I have seen myself rotational either in “fulltime blogging mode”, in a “weekly blogging mode” or with a short downtime. This always worked very well for me to stay in love with this activity and in fact with all the other activities too. That is the problem, if you have too many 🙂

6 thoughts on “Less Blogging, More Other Activities… But Not For Ever

  1. TV-series are a bad thing for any human being. I finished Homeland instead of reading for my exam. Games kind of get you addicted! Beyond two souls made me play instead of doing my homework for a few days.
    But than again I find cleaning, doing laundry and watching the grass grow more interesting than anything that has to do with school sometimes 😀

    1. Agree, the problem with tv-series is that you touch the first episode and if you did it, you must finish the whole series because “Oh damn, what will happen next?” 😀 So, by the way, you shouldn´t have mentioned another series.. 😀 I have not seen Homeland yet.

      About games.. true as well. I have always been a gamer and games can really be immersive. I have seen myself forget the time in my life quite often due to the fact that I was “caught” in a game 😀

      1. Depends if the first episode is good or not. Seen a few shows were the first episode was rather meeeeh..
        Homeland I loved the first season, but didn’t really digg the second until the last episode!

        You probably should use an egg timer for when you are gaming 😉

      2. Good point, yes. Happened to me too. I am anyway very picky… friends suggested a lot of series but I disliked most of them, apart from the mentioned ones in my blogpost here. It even happened that I saw 20 minutes of a new series and said “I need to stop watching this” 😀

        Egg timer for games sounds funny. Yea, not too bad this idea. You made me laugh loud 😀

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